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In OS X 10.9 and above it is not always possible to reset an application‘s preferences file by just deleting it.

Since preferences files are now cached by the OS they may be automatically restored immediately or next time you open the affected application. You can try this to avoid the restoring:

Close the application

Delete the preference file

Log out and log in

But this will not work for all applications like e.g. applications that can´t be quit (e.g. Finder).

So you better use the OS X build in tool defaults to delete or handle preference files.

But in some cases even this will not be enough and you have to reset the „preferences cache“ by roughly killing the cfprefsd background daemon.

Of course not every user knows or wants to know about how to run unix commands.

Therefore I have written a small application as a workaround.

Run the app, choose the preference file to delete and confirm.

A backup-copy of the plist will be made at Desktop.

Like all of my tools it will work only at the level of the current user. I would never touch data outside of a current user´s account! No /System/Library or /Library plists can be deleted!