In the current version 4.0 of the you can import albums or whole folders via the menu!

This app dates back to times when this function was not yet included.

Anyway, if you still use an older version of or want to have the possibility to import photos directly from the Finder, this app may still be useful.

   Import Albums or Folders to

  1. import selected files (images and videos) to a new album

  2. import selected Folders as albums

  3. import of folder-trees: the parent folder will become a folder in The contained subfolders are added to this folder as albums.

  4. import selected photos in Image to a new album in

Use it as a droplet:

drag files or folders on it

(You may place ImportPhotos in the Dock)

Doubleclick it:

Files or folders can be selected in a pop-up window

Open in Finder with contextual menu:

Import selected files in Finder with Right-Click → “open with” ImportPhotos

Selected folders in Finder may be imported with a Service (contained in Download)

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