In the current version 4.0 of the you can export albums or entire folders by drag&drop. The contained media will be exported as unmodified original files!

This app dates back to times when this function was not yet included.

Anyway, if you still use an older version of or want to have the option to export the photos in modified version or if you are not on drag&drop, this app may still be useful.


Export albums and folders from easily

ExportPhotos uses GUI-Scripting to get the name of a selected album in the sidebar of

GUI-Scripting requires an individual authorization in the system settings Security (see Apple Support Document HT202802)

The App works - with restriction - even without this authorization:

  1. If you have authorized ExportPhotos and, select an album in the sidebar, then launch the tool, the album will be exported to a new folder in the destination folder.

  2. If a folder is selected in the sidebar, the folder with all its subfolders and albums will be exported to a new folder(tree) of the same name in the destination folder.

  1. If GUI scripting is not authorized, the name of the album to be exported must be entered manually.

Screenshot of System Preferences:


ExportPhotos offers 3 ways to export:

  1. containing unmodified originals

  1. containing newly generated JPG versions of the photos. ALL edits to the photos will be saved. ¹

  1. containing originals but with all date and GPS modifications you made on them within

With ExportPhotos creation and modification date of the exported images will be preserved. (If you use this export-function within, creation and modification date will be set to current date!)

¹  Choose to write Geo-Tags to the exported images (deny with space, confirm with return or enter)

Please notice: the writing of Geo-tags will increase the duration of exporting!


ExportPhotos can be launched via a Service:

Once the service is set up, ExportPhotos can be started in the Photos Services menu item.

In addition, the service can be provided with a keyboard shortcut:

In System Settings Keyboard Shortcuts Services (Files and Folders), search for the new service and enter a short command.

(Service contained in Download)

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